Keep the Air Clean

When I arrived from Bacolod, I noticed that there are a lot of changes in the house. There are many things lying around. My parents’ house is already full of cluttered old items from my place since they have rented it out to other people. Because of this, dusts accumulate easily at home which makes me nervous. Having asthmatic children, dust is something I must be keep aware of.

So, I asked my mom if we could by ionic air purifiers to help clean the air at home. She told me she has no idea that is why I started to check online. I came across an air purifying shopper’s guide. It’s a website dedicated to provide information on buying the right air purifiers.

At, I was able to browse each type of air purifiers and what it can do. There are also frequently asked questions that have been answered on site. This made me think even more of finding the right choice on air purifiers.

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