I didn’t feel so good about work yesterday. An unfortunate event happened.

When I went to work, the guard assigned at our Transaction Room reported that the Key # 8 was broken. I asked him about it and how did it happen. He told me that he has no idea since when he opened it this morning; he noticed that the key was already broken. So, I also asked the key holder to whom I endorsed last night if he has an idea why the key was broken. He answered no; because when he received the keys last night he immediately placed it in his bag and the only time he saw it again was when he endorsed it back to the guard the next day for opening.

Nothing really happened except the unexplained broken key – no stolen products, no forced-entry, no nothing! What made it unfortunate is it’s timely manner of when the event happened. I only have nine (9) working days left until my work here is done and now, such things are happening! I really don’t want to leave my work with many issues. I want to leave with a good name and with pride that I have been a great employee. I don’t want that a case of one broken key will cause my name to be attached into suspicion.

Anyway, there’s nothing to worry really I didn’t do anything! It’s just that I don’t want any issues. That’s all!

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