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For those who are wondering how my son is doing, well, I am happy to announce that he is doing fine. Though he was not able to complete his treatment, he has fully recovered already (we are keeping our faith high!). He was able to take a bath yesterday and take his special exams that he missed last week.

After he took his last dosage last Monday noon, we immediately let him drink his newly prescribed health supplement and vitamin c. I want his immune system be strengthened so that his body can take guard against bad elements from his surroundings.

As of now, he is at school (preparatory) and he was very eager to leave the house this noon just to see his crush (a kinder one Fil-Am girl). LOL!!

2 thoughts on “Latest from My Son

  1. Good to read your son is doing better na. Sana lang natapos nya yung treatment nya kasi that’s really important..

    Napadaan lang to see how you’re doing lately…

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