Long and Serious Post Gone Kaput!

Yesterday, I wrote a long and very serious post. I have placed all my thoughts about the realities of pain in life but unfortunately a brown out struck deleting my long and serious post. Then I realize that my post was really true…pain is real. It deleted my post. LOL!!!

Anyway, my heart will go on…I need to continue. Yup, I need to continue searching on how a Bluray DVD players work. I was also wondering what is the difference between a Bluray DVD and a regular DVD aside from the price. Ciao for now!

3 thoughts on “Long and Serious Post Gone Kaput!

  1. ay sus momi, na unsa man na man…hehe ahay momi a, nami tani maka attend kamo duha ni daddy jun sang Ancient Paths. kag nami gid duwa kamo for healing.

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