Lourdes’ Mia

My blog Lourdes’ Mia was named after my mom. Mia was a shorter version of the name Maria. My mom used to call me Maria when I was still little and she still does if she wants to tease me. I found an old picture and decided to post it here.So here it is, a picture of my mom Lourdes and her Mia (Lourdes’ Mia):

Now the question is: “Is Mia cute or beautiful?” I am sorry folks, that’s the only option available for now. LOL!!

7 thoughts on “Lourdes’ Mia

  1. olah peeps! thanks for the visit. 🙂

    @ digiscrapdesign, wow beautiful! thank you so much. ^_^

    @ mommy hailey, going there to check it out.

    @ mommy Z, yeah I really thought that I looked like here. ^_^

    @ kuya jeff, i forgot how old i was. maybe i was five or six.

    @ dimaks, i hope so. its totally “mingaw” at 3p right now.

    @ maurica, olah GP thanks for visiting. that was my old me. i don’t felt quite so adorable now. hehehe with all the stress and stuff. hehehe

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