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Lucky Charms

2012 is the year of the Water Dragon and most of my friends who believe in Feng Shui, charm bracelets and other related beliefs are now busy choosing their lucky charm bracelets. They say wearing one will bring positive vibes and lucky things into their lives.

Personally, I don’t believe in lucky charms and that is the reason I am not an avid fan of buying one. But I have several key chains in my collections that some of my friends considered as lucky charms. I don’t use them though. I just display them on my cabinet as part of my collections.

If there is such a term as lucky charms, then I would consider my family as the lucky ones! They are the ones that brings goodness in my life throughout the year!!

How about you guys? Do you believe in lucky charms and gems?

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20 thoughts on “Lucky Charms

  1. I do believe there is something behind charms and ammulets. I was looking for a jade Buddha allover out country and couldnt find one. Luckily for me I will be heading to Thailand in 3 weeks…if I cant find one there, lord help me 🙂

    1. same here, i dont believe in lucky charms.. but if there is anything that I will consider as my lucky charm.. it will be my two lil kids 🙂

  2. I’m excited for my lucky charm my generous friend will send it to me soon :)really believe in lucky charms, I won’t lose a thing naman if i do 🙂

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