MassKara Festival 2010

MassKara Festival 2010 is about to happen this coming October 1 – 19, 2010 here at Bacolod City and everyone is excited including me. I am sure this would be one of those times that we will be awed with new sights and sounds. I am also excited to check out the plaza bazaars and food trips. This is also the time that my ex-work friends and I have our reunion dinner.

So, if you have time, I invite you to come and join us for this year’s MassKara Festival. Kari na kamo di sa Bacolod City!

Check out my other blog for the MassKara Festival 2010 Schedule for highlights and events!

6 thoughts on “MassKara Festival 2010

  1. Hi,

    I have once been to the city of Bacolod and heared about that festival. It is a pity that it always takes place after our semester break…but I am planning to visit MassKara after studies;)

  2. i gather from a friend that this is one festival that people in Bacolod should not miss. I hope I could visit there someday and be able to join this grand festivity!

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