Masskara Here I Come!!

Since all my domain blogs got a big fat zero (meaning no income opps for me), I decided to take a vacation and enjoy the Masskara Festival at Bacolod City next week. Aside from that, my hubby and I decided to take time together to talk about life.

Anyway, if the outcome would be nice with my hubby and me, maybe I will be looking for a job there. Not like what I have before but just enough to earn enough to pay for our debts and sustain my children’s needs. When that time comes, blogging might become a hobby and a sideline for me. I will not stop blogging though but I think I could not blog as often as I used to maybe a post or two every now and then.

So, I will be on hiatus for quite some time when I leave for Bacolod next week.

3 thoughts on “Masskara Here I Come!!

  1. Mommy Ruby! Pupunta ka dito sa bacolod? Inform mko ha? para naman mka pag meet tayo! Bongga toh! Hahahah! Lupad bacolod, lupad! Hahahah! See ya soon mommy.. 🙂

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