Maximize Vertical Space

Space is so precious in certain areas. Like the principle of the law of supply and demand, the less the supply and the higher the demand, the more expensive it becomes. Take for example in Japan. The country is relatively small to the number of people living in it that is why most of their buildings are expanding vertically not just over the ground but with the same number of storeys downwards.

The same is true when you have a small house and you have all the stuff piling up. Especially if you are quite sentimental that you tend to keep everything that is given to you despite the fact that they are no longer useful, or if you are a recycler so you tend to collect everything for later use, space will soon run out.

This is the perfect situation to use bunk beds instead of the usual one level beds that even tend to be wide to fit your length even if you turn 90 degrees. There are bunk beds where both the top and bottom spaces are occupied with beds but there are those where the bottom is a space for a working table. Either way, bunk beds are great to save and maximize on your available vertical space.

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