Meat Protein Alternative

I am an avid meat eater. I love eating pork, chicken, fish and beef dishes. There are times that my mom would tell me that I am so abusive with my body because I always eat meat. Well, I do eat vegetables but always with meat of any kind because I always believe that “meat” is a great source of protein.

So my said, if I am only after of the protein found in meat, why not try and look for an alternative. She said I could try using tofu or drink protein powder instead. I like tofu and I liked eating them at times but I wouldn’t want to drink any protein powder. I don’t like its taste.

After hearing this, my mom suggested that we should start buying tofu and create new dishes using it instead of meat. For me, that would be a delight but as for my children, that is another delicacies to discover!!

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  1. c5 says:

    you know what you really need? sleep! 🙂

  2. Sherry says:

    I know there is protein powder here cost nearly USD$35

  3. Nica M. says:

    Try cooking tofu and black beans together. Saute them first in onion and garlic then add oyster sauce. panalo!

  4. Willa says:

    Yeah, I think Tofu is also a good source of meat :yes:

  5. Sherry says:

    sis my dear cannot skip meat, he says to me he must eat meat every day if not his hands will shake.

  6. Dubster says:

    Im not a fan of tufo. i really dont know what it taste like. stick nlng ko sa isda marz lami pa.

  7. Charlotte says:

    I think protein powder can be very good for you and tastes good, so I don’t know what the fuss is 😉

  8. anil55 says:

    Have you tried any of the whey protein powders. They are a great source of Proteins.

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