Mermaid Girl Dies at 10

I have been reading about Shiloh Pepin known as Mermaid Girl from Mommy Elvz blog at Straight from the Heart. She was known as the mermaid girl since she developed a rare congenital deformity called Mermaid Syndrome or Sirenomelia. She was featured in a documentary and was admired by many because of her being brave and accepting her disability.

Unfortunately, mermaid girl dies of pneumonia that weakens her body. She died last October 23, 2009 at Maine Medical Center. She was 10.

Below was the documentary that featured Shiloh Pepin:

2 thoughts on “Mermaid Girl Dies at 10

  1. sis, your post made me cry.. So sad to know na that girl has died already. I admired her spirit.. She seemed happy despite of her deformity. She accepted that she was a mermaid, according to her.. Nakaka iyak naman to..

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