Mobile Mind: Blogging Again from My Mobile Phone

Yes. I am trying to blog again from my mobile phone. I tried it before but didn’t like it. It was tiring having to blog from a small screen. Now that I have a bigger screen, I was hoping that I can blog again and start a new segment here in my blog called “Mobile Mind.”

Mobile Mind is just another personal post from me. The only difference is, I am doing it from my mobile phone. Thus, my posts will be shorter and more spontaneous. Nothing is really planned. Just a plain outbursts from my mind and what I am currently thinking.

Anyway, I hope you will be excited with this blog segment as it will be my uncensored blog posts. You will see the beauty of the real me and how complicated the mind of a single mom has with three adorable kids. So see again soon for another episode of Mobile Mind.

Thank you and take good care!!

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