Mobile Mind: The Need to be Healthy


As I type this blog post, I am currently admitted at the hospital. I got myself here last night because I felt dizzy. Even if I put myself to bed, my head still spins. This made me worried and because of the advices of my friends, I went here and the rest was history.

This is my second time in a row. Last April 2012, I was admitted too because of gallstones. This time for vertigo. I am not fond of hospitals since I believe they are budget shakers. They shake your finncial budget and get you off track. Good thing right now is my company’s health insurance is helping me. They will pay some of the hospital bills together with PhilHealth.

Even if the insurance and PhilHealth is paying part of my hospital bill, the need to be healthy is still my top priority. Being healthy is avoiding a lot of financial constraints in the world. It will give you enough money to pay for what you need and want. Not only for me but also for my kids. My goal is for us all to be healthy.

Starting July 2013 and beyond, my goal is no hospital for me and my family!!

2 thoughts on “Mobile Mind: The Need to be Healthy

  1. aww, i also hate hospitals + dread the day that i or my little man will have to spend a day there. i hope you get well soon, mommy + get back on track real soon.

    staying healthy is a very great goal to start working on, + i am sure that you can ace this just like all the other goals you have set up for yourself! 🙂

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