Mommy Moments: Something New

mommy moments

My last Mommy Moments entry was dated November 20, 2009. I got very busy with life as usual.

Anyways and anyhows, this is my 8th entry and I hope I will be able to play at least twice a month. I am so darn forgetful!

I have several something new…

Bought Bella Grace Several Stuffs

New Christmas Decorations

New Bible that I bought from Hubby’s Salary

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  1. chubskulit says:

    Love the Bible!

    Some things new

  2. Willa says:

    Pareho tayo ng bible,sis. Ganyan din yung sa akin, as in exactly alike ha! Binili ko noon bago ako umalis.

  3. chris says:

    great new stuff! especially the Bible 😀

  4. Nice stuff. Happy New Year.

  5. pehpot says:

    cool stuffs.. did not got the chance to join MM last week.. busy eh hehe.. anong gamit mo when you photoshop? ako gimp lang.. complicated ang photoshop para sa kin hehe 🙂

    Happy New Year pala

  6. Shydub says:

    I like the bible. bait naman ni mommy.

  7. Rocio says:

    Oh my I love it!

  8. Biang says:

    baby’s clothes & toys are so cute…

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