Mom’s Sari-Sari Store is Now Open!!

Last August 25, 2009, my mother has opened her sari-sari store. It’s not full yet and she hasn’t started cooking some viand at that time. We have no money to start actually but a kind angel lends us for capital that is why we were able to open. Good thing she is generous with her terms. God bless her heart. You know who you are.

I promised my mom that I will give her more additional capital in the future for more items to sell and for improvements. I am planning to but some mounts so that I can install additional shelves for her to display her products.

So far, since the day she opened, she only has few customers and most of them are us. I think some people of our new neighborhood are in the process of adjusting to us. Since we are new, maybe it’s hard to gain their trust immediately and we also have many competition. Anyway, wait until they taste my mom’s cooking! I am sure she will get more patrons once they taste it.

As for now, I am happy that mom is inspired with her new store here with us!

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