My 11th Blog Award

This beautiful award was given to me by my friend Janet of Expressions and Thoughts. She was the first person whom I have met online. She is very friendly and kind. Her blog is one of those that I constantly visit.

And just lately, another friend of mine gave me this award, Nicotine’s World of Fun. The pretty army wife! I visit her blog because she has alot of discoveries online when it comes to graphics. (Award given to me Fabruary 5, 2008)

Am sharing these awards to Nelle, Mabelle and Yen.

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  1. Mabelle says:

    thanks for the tag. you can see it here

  2. Trinity says:


    I am happy to be your friend, I have added you in my blogrol!

  3. Tess says:

    Mommy Ruby, i was trying to leave a message in ur tagboard pero down siya so dito nalang, Paki send mo naman sa akin paypal addy mo, TY ng marami!

  4. Nancy says:

    hi ruby…salamat sa compliment..sensya na karon rako kabalik..nangawrta pako kay sayang ang badtrip ko sa cbox..dugay kaau nakabalik..
    musta na man ka diri…dayon mo uli sa inyong province?

  5. liza says:

    Hi Ruby! I need your help. I purchased a domain at enom just like what you did, pero hindi ko alam pano i-transfer yung blog ko dun sa domain. Alam mo naman, tanga ako sa mga ganito. Please give me an instruction how you did it so I can have my blog running.


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