My Appetite is Killing Me Softly

Arrrghhh… Yeah, that is right! My appetite is really killing me softly. I have gained so much weight and I am conscious about it and I would really like to do something about it. As for exercise, I cannot really go to the gym because of time constraints and of course, that would mean additional monthly expense.

As for diet, now that is the big issue. Yeah, surely I would want to control my food intake. The problem is my appetite. I now have a whale of an appetite! And I am not kidding nor exaggerating! What I need is something to suppress appetite that I am having, especially my food cravings. It seems that my stomach is a bottomless pit that I continue to eat and eat. Even if I am already stuffed, it seems that I have room for more. I do not get satisfied. Sigh…If this continues, this appetite of mine will really kill me softly. Of course, we know the effects of overeating, right? If we overeat while having a sedentary lifestyle, we get obese. If we become obese, then all the other health problems follow.

So, what now?

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