My Baby Girl’s Birthday

As promised by her father, my baby girl will be celebrating her birthday out-of-town. We will be going to Mambukal Mountain Resort for an overnight stay. When my hubby arrives from Manila, we will be directly going there. So, I wouldn’t be here blogging for the next 24 to 30 hours. We will be back tomorrow evening. I am hoping to post pictures of this family event since I bought my digicam today. :~

To my valued readers and commentators, just feel free to browse around and I will be back soon. Enjoy your day!! 😉

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  1. Princezz says:

    happy birthday to your baby girl 🙂 please change my 2nd blog to

  2. Mummy Sheng says:

    happy birthday to you baby girl! hope you’ll all have fun! take care!

  3. ?Shabem-®? says:

    Enjoy the party. I hope your little girl will have a blast.
    Have a great weekend!

  4. kerslyn says:

    hello sis! happy birthday to ur angel!

  5. Cielo says:

    hope to hear from u the soonest about ur mambukal adventure with your family 🙂

  6. janet says:

    happy birthday to your princess.

  7. Lalaine says:

    enjoy your family time!

  8. Noemi "Mica" Watson says:

    happy birthday to your baby girl..have a great day

  9. Dezz says:

    Hope you all have a great family celebration with ur baby girl.. have fun.
    happy bday!

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