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My Big Girl Crying

I was again doing my usual blogging session around 12mn when I heard somebody was crying. I looked at my baby boy to see if he was the one crying, but he was sound asleep. So, I opened the light and I saw my big girl crying. I asked her why was she crying, she told me that her knees were in pain. I rubbed her knees with a herbal liniment and made some few massages. But still she kept on crying. Since, I am new at this, I got so alarmed and waked my hubby. He told me that I just take care of her and she needs my attention. Gesh! That was some solution. Anyway, I massaged her legs until she closed her eyes because she was still very sleepy. After awhile, she cried again and said that the pain is still there. So, I opted to get a hot water and poured it into an empty glass bottle, wrapped it with some cloth. I placed it near her knees and ankles as long as she could tolerate the heat. Afterwards, I kept on massaging and rubbing her ankles and knees. Now, she is sleeping again. I hope she would sleep soundly. I don’t want to see her in pain and crying. But I decided to stay awake, do some little blogging and just in case she would be in pain, I can readily rub her knees again.

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