My Blog is Annoying

I am really sad today. Somebody commented that my blog is annoying. Maybe he/she suspected that I was a spammer.

Anyway, I don’t have the intention to spam anyone. I love to hop around my friends’ blog to check-out there blogrolls. I like to meet new people and leave comments if I like there blogs or if I want to make friends (which is usually asking for exchange links).

Yes! I admit I have plenty of ads in my blog. But, I have to admit…I am frankly monetizing my blog because of the desire to stay at home with my children. Staying home doesn’t mean I have to stop earning.

Sometimes, we are really misunderstood especially online. Oh well, life goes on and my blog goes on.

I accepted the comment as constructive criticism, so, I will try to change (still under my terms…LOL!!!)

2 thoughts on “My Blog is Annoying

  1. Pakialam nya ba. Maganda naman itong site mo ah, inggit lang yun hehe. By the way medyo matagal lang magload itong page mo, i think dahil sa rank widgets, ang lakas magpabagal nun kaya binawas-bawasan ko yung akin 😉

  2. Oh you know my views about this. It’s just a rude thing to say to someone, no matter how constructive you want it to be. Who could blame you if you doesn’t want a boring blog site! lol, keep it up hey!

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