My Children are Now Entrekids!!

Yesterday, I was able to successfully add my children’s blogs at Entrecard under the category of EntreKids. I wanted their blogs to get traffic so that their life adventures will be shared to others. As a blogger mom, I envisioned that my children will grow up to be a blogger like me. I want them to find avenue in expressing their thoughts and feelings on their blog and maybe in the long run, earn for themselves.

Anyway, since I registered them to Entrecard, I decided to make them their very own 125×125 banners. So if you see them on your dashboard as an advertiser, please don’t forget to approve and visit. It would be highly appreciated.

Micah Izabel - Life of a Music Minded Gal Johann David - Life of a Wannabe Astronaut Bella Grace - Watch Me Grow Online

By the way, the banners are clickable, visit on their blogs now to be updated. Their blogs are also open to exchange links to other kiddie blogs and personal blogs. Just leave a comment at any of their posts!

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