My Christmas List

Christmas Season is fast approaching. Actually we are in “ber” month now. Speaking of Christmas, I have already started making my Christmas List and one item that is on my list right now is a laptop computer. As a full time blogger, this one is very very important to me.

Actually, I used to have one before, but due to financial matters, I was forced to give my laptop up and sell it. Now, I am contented with my desktop computer and it can still do all the “computer jobs” for me. But there are times that I wish that I have a laptop computer especially when I attend a blogging event and I need to post or update my online status immediately. Well, anyway, December is still more weeks away.

10 thoughts on “My Christmas List

  1. Buti ka pa… ako wala pang naisip na christmas wish. basta ang goal ko lang is to have a little christmas tree at my little corner in the office, para mas feel ko ang christmas. malungkot kasi ang christmas dito. walang katulad talaga sa saya ang pasko sa pinas.

  2. hi mommy rubz,
    i hope that you’ll get your laptop soon enough, and best wishes also to your little angel…

    by the way, i have another contest in my blog, hope you can visit it soon

    ill ask a favor sana that you promote it to your readers…its not actually my own contest, but its a nice blog contest brought by Goldilocks. 🙂

  3. Yeah, Christmas spirit is in the air. I have a wish list too for the whole family. Not too grand, of course,lol..
    Btw, what laptop are you looking for ba? I am selling kc my other laptop coz I upgraded.. Just email me if you’re interested..

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