My Expressive Blog!!

One of my favorite blogs to visit is Blogger Trick. I find good tricks that I can add to my blog. Now, I have learned how to install smily icons on my blog posts to have a more expressive blog. :p If you want to have one too, just visit this PAGE. Enjoy!!

🙂 –> 🙂
🙁 –> 🙁
:p –> :p
😀 –> 😀
:$ –> :$
😉 –> 😉
:@ –> :@
:# –> :#
:k –> :k
😡 –> 😡
😮 –> 😮
:O –> :O
:L –> :L
:r –> :r
:s –> :s
:y –> :y
:~ –> :~
:v –> :v
:f –> :f
:d –> :d
:c –> :c
:z –> :z

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  1. Ninah says:

    Tama yun ginawa mo na sa comment na lang mommy ruby, minsan nga hindi ko mabasa yun ibang msg pag sa shoutbox hehehe..

  2. A Simple Life says:

    hi ruby! ako rin i would prefer the comments, kaya lang for other bloggers talaga the tag board is more convenient. happy beautiful women’s day!

  3. Rickavieves says:

    good one! tama comment na lang sa post! lols..

    btw doing my round! have a great weekend!

  4. Pinay WAHM says:

    Just doing some hopping here…


  5. laura says:

    Hi! ruby just visiting here,happy weekend

  6. Cielo says:

    hi ruby, i admire u for your blogging tips.

    Ive got a FABULOUS award for you here

  7. nelle says:

    Hello there! u know I love the last smiley! hehe

    I have a tag for u hey!

  8. JK says:

    Hi stopping by… Take care and have a great day… Hope all is well… I have new postings up hmmm and a picture slide as well…

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