My Ideal Holiday

I’ve read that there is a time for everything, a season for every activity under heaven. Do you believe that? From my end, I believe this is true; so just as there is time for work, there is also a time for rest. And I may add, there is and there must also be a time for a break, for a vacation, for a holiday.

Just as I believe that there is a time for a holiday, I also have what I call an ideal holiday. To me this means that this holiday will give me opportunities to enjoy great food, beautiful views and yes, a good share of the sun and sea. Ah, this is my ideal holiday. I also have to add that hopefully, this holiday will be at an affordable price so that I will not go solo on such a holiday but with my loved ones.

Now, what do you think of a holiday in beautiful Greece? Did that ever cross your mind? How about lovely Crete holidays specifically? A holiday in Crete will actually, come to think of it, fit the ideal holiday that I have described. I must admit then that a holiday in Crete is one of my dream holidays. What about you? What’s your dream holiday?

4 thoughts on “My Ideal Holiday

  1. An ideal holiday for me would be a worry-free beach bumming vacation! 😀 Enjoying the sun and the view of the ocean while sipping some smoothies would be really great.

  2. When I saw the movie of KC Concepcion and Richard Gutierrez set in Greece, that’s when I started imagining myself sunbathing in Greece. It’s so beautiful!

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