My New Book!

I really love books especially on self help and business topics. Anyway if you remember, I was nominated as Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogger hosted by Ms. Janette Toral. Well, I didn’t won but I got myself a copy of her book “Blogging from Home” at a very special price. And finally, I have it now in my hands!I haven’t finished reading it yet but I am really amazed on how the topics are presented. A very good and wise investment!! Anyway, here is the picture of my new book.

By the way, if you want a copy of this book, please CLICK HERE to grab one for yourself!

3 thoughts on “My New Book!

  1. I’ve met Janette Toral during last year’s Digital Filipino Web Awards, and I also attended a seminar on E-commerce that she was a part of. She really knows her stuff, and she’s very nice! 😀

  2. Hello Ruby. I’m glad you got the book na. Thank you for the support. I look forward in getting your photo soon. Cheers!

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