My Power Color

The first color quiz I took from was “What Color Should Your Blog or Journal Be?” The answer to that was YELLOW. Now, I took another color related quiz that asks about your power color. So, here is my result.

Your Power Color Is Lime Green

At Your Highest:
You are adventurous, witty, and a visionary.

At Your Lowest:
You feel misunderstood, like you don’t fit in.

In Love:
You have a tough exterior but can be very dedicated.

How You’re Attractive:
Your self-awareness and confidence lights up a room.

Your Eternal Question:
“What else do I need in my life?”

What’s Your Power Color?

I am really fond of my results. I always expected that it would come out lo be like my favorite colors but unfortunately not. Anyway, these are for fun only! So, lets enjoy.

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