My Wishful Thinking

It has been always my wish to own a vehicle. Whatever it is, I’ll just be glad to have it. But given a chance I’d like to have a van, which can be used to bring my children to and from the school. A Recreational Van is also something that I would love to have.

If ever I will own a Recreational Van (RV), I will surely avail of rv travel emergency, to secure my family’s safety because that is what is always important. By availing of this emergency plan, I can be rest assured that whatever happens, God forbid, there will be someone who will take care of my children.

Well, morbid as it may seem, but who knows, right? Anyway, it’s just a wishful thinking. So that’s where it is as of now.

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  1. OSeñorita says:

    As a mommy like you, it’s not bad to think of everything. Especially when it comes to the safety and the future of our children. We always wanted to be prepared for everything.

  2. zoan says:

    I really want to have my own vehicle too, I mean have routing units but they are not suitable for long travels ahaha

  3. redamethyst says:

    I wish to have my own car or vehicle too. Van is good for big families especially on vacations or out of town trips

  4. shengkayful says:

    hmm..ako mas gusto ko magkaroon ng bahay muna..of course it would be great to own a car..

  5. Shydub says:

    That was my wish too back then Marz, ngayon nah, iba nlng wish ko hehe

  6. Mommy jes says:

    we have the same idea sis…i want a van too so we can bring all the fam members ahahah:)) and even your closet!

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