Need Help to Get Help

It’s been a month now since our house help left us. Now, I am having a hard time adjusting between my children and my online life. Aside from that, my baby is crying every night. She wants to be help. So most of the time, I am awake at night not doing articles on nuphedragen but carrying my baby. I have no choice because I don’t want her to cry so that her hernia wouldn’t protrude to avoid strangulation. And since I am carrying her, I try to sit down in front of my PC to keep me awake lest I sleep and drop my baby.

Anyway, my point is, I badly need help in the house. My mom is here but I could not let her do all the chores. She is already old for that. So if you have friends who have contacts here in Bacolod, I would appreciate a referral. Thanks in advance!

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