New Blog Hosting Services

Most of my friends know that I have my own blog hosting services offered through Mom’s Hosting but to be honest, I have other three blog hosting services. I haven’t offered it yet because I am still testing the servers for myself. And so far, after several months with them, I haven’t experienced any downtime except for server changes.

I guess I will be launching them soon so that my clients have better options where to have their blogs hosted. Hopefully, this would give me a sense of ecommerce fulfillment since I have been investing in these servers without profit. And I am hoping to launch them on my birthday with a promo right away.

So, if you are planning to get your blogs self-hosted, stay tuned for my blog hosting services promo! I am sure you will be fascinated with the prices and of course the services. 😀

7 thoughts on “New Blog Hosting Services

  1. Good luck! 🙂 Tama you need to exhaust all the resources since you will single handedly manage your finances na. More clients for you sis! 🙂

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