New Domains!!

No, I am not getting any new domain. Hehehe… I am just happy that many of my friends got their own domains. Not to mention, they really know how to pick beautiful domain names.
Here are my friends who just bought their domains recently. Maybe we have common friends, might as well update your links.
Expressions and Thoughts

Creative Thoughts

Lalaine’s World

Aeirin’s Collections

Momhood Moments

The most famous question that I usually get from friends was “What are the benefits of having your own domain name?” Well, there are several benefits that you can get and here are some that I would like to share:

1. Having your own domain name signals a mark of professionalism in the online world. Just as your name is, it gives you a unique identity as you in the internet.

2. And if you are monetizing your blog, it would also give you chances to earn more. Other companies or advertisers prefer blogger’s with own domain name. One of the great “get paid to blog” companies who prefer such bloggers are

3. When your own domain gets a page rank, more opportunities will go your way. Not only in get paid to blog but also direct advertisers.

For me, I got my domain name because of reason #1. I wanted to be different and have my own unique identity online. Then far way later, I found reason #2 and #3 as an added bonus.

Hope this helps!!

7 thoughts on “New Domains!!

  1. useful tips sis..
    i must admit, i’m happy I got my own domain.. :]
    hope more opps to come my way now..

    hope all is well…

  2. hello mommy ruby! how are u? hope everythin’s doin fine. im plannin to get my own domain soon, when i have time. maybe after givin birth to baby kaiden. 🙂

    take care! have a great day! 🙂

  3. hi…nice to have a domain name…but since I am new into blogging..don’t know yet…how to have one…heheheh LOL

  4. you inspired me in buying my custom domain. so thanks to you and thanks again, for this post. you never run out of surprises. 🙂

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