New Look for My DigiScrap Blog

Well, I am just so happy to toot about my accomplishments recently as a hobbyist in the world of digital scrapping. I have made several digital scraps lately but the greatest accomplishment for me this week is my digiscrap blog’s new look. I am happy to say that I was the one who created my own blog’s background, header and 125×125 online business card for EntreCard!! Of course with the use of PhotoShop CS2 and the great elements from Shabby Princess and Jan Hosford Collections.
It was hard at first since I am new in digital scrapping and I am not that well-versed in PhotoShop CS2 but it ended well and it got few praises from my friends and family (which I really do appreciate). So even how small this accomplishment may seem, I am just excited to toot about this!

By the way, hope you could take time to have a sneak peak at my digiscraps. Please click HERE. Thanks!

5 thoughts on “New Look for My DigiScrap Blog

  1. It looks really awesome – like it was made with real scrapbook material ,)

    Don’t you just love Photoshop? I use that and Illustrator for all my designs.

    Happy Tuesday! Toot!

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