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No Employee’s Benefits

I think I have mentioned this before that since I have become a blogger, I don’t have an SSS, Pag-Ibig, HMO or any other benefits given to an employed person. So I decided to check out whole life insurance quotes from our local companies but the mother of our friend offered as a better deal. Actually, she offered two, life and time plan from Loyola Plans.

Loyola Life Plan is more on what your beneficiaries will get in case you die while Loyola Time Plan is something you can get from your premiums after 15 years of waiting. I like Loyola Time Plan better since your beneficiaries will still get something if you die and if you reached around 60 years old, you will get the same amount what you have gotten when you reached the 15 years of waiting.

Anyway, I am still pondering on it because I have other payables. But if I get some monthly budget for it, I would probably sign a policy!

7 thoughts on “No Employee’s Benefits

  1. so you’re a full time blogger now? actually i am thinking of it too.. i wanna give up my work and start focusing more to my blogs by participating in some blog advertising activities…and then i’ll pay contribution to SSS haha.. but anyway i am still wired with my company because of the contract haha

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