Officially Back in the Blogging World

Guess what?! Well, I guess you don’t have to. I am already here in Cagayan de Oro City and my children are not in school. They are here with me right now in my room playing with my laptop as I type here in my desktop. I think they have considered my arrival as a holiday and that they felt they don’t have to go to school or they are just enjoying the laptop? ^_^ LOL!!

Anyway, I just allowed them not to go. I missed them so much that I wanted them to be with me even I am asleep or typing things out. By the way, my baby boy was so excited. He came with my mom to the pier to get me. I arrived around 1:00am earlier this dawn. When I arrived, he was so happy and never stopped hugging me and saying “I LOVE YOU.” When he saw the laptop, he can’t wait to try it so I let him played awhile before he slept.

Oh well, I am officially back in the blogging world!! Missed me?! Or was I gone? LOL!! ^_^

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  1. timi says:

    Welcome back Mommy R!!!

  2. Regayumi says:

    Hi Mommy Ruby,

    Welcome back! Though I haven’t feel that you’ve been off from blogging this past weeks (or months?). Anyway, I’m sure your kids have missed you so much.

  3. Mommy Ruby says:

    thanks mommies for the warm welcome!! ^_^

    yeah…i think the right words was limited access. hehehe

  4. Mommy Phebie says:

    Welcome back Ate! PAsagdi ra na imo mga kids dli mag skul kay gimingaw pa na sa imo. hehehe..Ate thanks mag sign-up pko sa PP.

  5. gengen says:

    welcome back mommy enjoy…TC

  6. Pinay WAHM says:

    I guess the little boy missed mom, eh?

    It’s good to know you made it safe and sound.

    Do I have to say ‘welcome back’?? LOL…ok, I will… Welcome back!

    Mommy J

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