Organizing Wires

There are just so many wires in the house because of the many gadgets and appliances that we have. I really think that we should position them strategically so that we can gather the wires together and stash them in a wire loom.

That way, everything will look neat and tidy and not cluttered. It is really difficult when wires intertwine because when you remove one, you will have to untangle everything and it is hard to do so. You just might wonder how they got entangled so badly in the first place. But well these things happen even to the best of us.

It would take a PhD to untangle and sort this mess. Maybe I should go to go to electrician school!

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  1. Grace says:

    I guess I need to buy 3 sets…Lol!

  2. Corbitoness says:

    I know right! There are so many wires in our house and it scares me that Una might end up tripping on it, or worse playing with it and get electrocuted.

  3. Ugh, tell me about those wires. A never ending battle!

    Spanish Pinay

  4. barbie says:

    I was looking at my ugly wires just now and was looking for a cheap DIY way of organizing! I’m leaning towards using a cardboard tissue roll like this… baduy ba?

  5. Vernz says:

    oo nga, dangerous for the kids I would say.. I use a lot of tie wires MOmmy.. to tidy them up.. di ko afford yung hihtech na mga pang ligpit ng wire.. 🙂 was here..:)

  6. It’s really quite a dangerous place especially for the kids if the wires are intertwined together. Personally, I hate extensions especially the ones with a lot of slots, it makes it prone to more “octopus-y” wires! >_<

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  7. Becky says:

    Always remember to save the twisty ties that come with the gadget. I save them in a ziplock bag.

  8. Oh, this is so true about the wires! I have to have my ethernet wire run down the hallway to trip on, because the wireless doesn’t get back to my little office cubby hole well enough. I guess these are just the times we live in! Thanks for always coming by and supporting me and Betina on Mommy LaDy Club. Really appreciate it:)

  9. Southern Mama Bri says:

    There are definitely a lot of wires around here. I tried hiding them from the kids using a new kind of desk since most of our wires are around the computer.

    Now your newest GFC Follower 🙂

    Bri @ Ramblings of a Southern Mama

  10. Lindsay says:

    Thank you for visiting my blog. I’m following you now! 🙂

  11. cmyoung says:

    We have cords everywhere! Newest follower and would love for you to follow back 😉

  12. Dayna says:

    Hi – a new visitor from VB. Great blog!

  13. Mom 4 Real says:

    We tie ours back with twisty cords. I hate the look of cords everywhere! I have a friend that makes little fabric sleeves to cover hers. Visting and following from vB…check out my blog and follow back if you like!

    Jessica K

  14. Kathy says:

    You make a great point, the wires that are in our house are extensive. I have mine hidden by furniture, but I do like some of the suggestion that some of the other moms gave. I especially like the idea of becomming an electrician!!!I’d do it too if I didn’t think I’d fry myeslf in the process!!! Great to catch up with you via VoiceBoks!

  15. Anna says:

    I love your loom idea – forget electrician school – make it decorative 🙂

  16. Gina says:

    Ugh, the wires! I shudder to look underneath our desk! And I worry that it’s a fire hazard waiting to happen. Even with two separate power strips, we still have a mess under there.

  17. Mel Cole says:

    Sounds like pretty hectic house full of wires.just be careful not to stumble.electrician school is tempting but I’d rather be a mom and blogger myself. 🙂

  18. Christina says:

    I keep my cords neat by wrapping pony tail holders around them. I just can’t stand tangled wires!


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    P.S. Visiting from voiceBoks!

    ♥ xoxo

  19. Andrea says:

    Visiting from VB…now following your blog! Hope you can visit mine too!

  20. Betina says:

    I feel your pain!!

    Following you back!


  21. raya says:

    congrats on the new look, mommy rubz!

  22. gagay says:

    😀 mas organized mommy rubz! ok kaau! :yes: :yes: :yes:

  23. Shydub says:

    You are not along with that marz, dami rin dito at super dusty pa

  24. zoan says:

    I NEED THOSE:Dsa dami ng wires at extension dito sa bahay namin, napakalaking tulong nyan:D

  25. Lora says:

    We have the same problem. In my room, it looks so messy because of so many wires that belongs to my gadgets. It’s kinda an eye sore to me..

  26. I am looking for something that i can keep all of my computer and electronic wires in that will let me keep them all organized and ready for immediate use, not like wire ties and throw them in a bin that’s not what i am looking for more of a specific for wires use.

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