Page Rank Joke

As much as I wanted to have a Page Rank, I was really shocked to see a tiny green in the Google Toolbar that says my blog is now PR 1. Just like my other blogger friends, they checked and re-checked maybe Google is again playing around.

Guess what! In other windows, my blog is PR 0! That means either my eyes are faulty or Google is just toying with my eyes? But I am sure that I don’t have a faulty eyes, check out the screen shot I took to prove that I saw a PR 1 at my blog.

Please click on the picture to enlarge.

So, is Google playing with me? I don’t know. The only thing I can be sure right now is that I still don’t have a Page Rank and I hope I can get one soon.

3 thoughts on “Page Rank Joke

  1. Hi Mommy Ruby..

    Ay naku..these sites that check PR sometimes differ.

    May isa na ang lowest nila is a ‘1’ not 0..don’t know why but I just don’t bother to check it anymore.

    Anyway, passing by here to wish you a great weekend. I also posted your tag to me already. Just check it out when you get the chance. Link is:


    Mommy J

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