Personal Feelings

I haven’t blogged about my personal feelings lately. Not that my life is improving (LOL for that!) but because I did it intentionally. I decided not to blog about it here because I felt that somebody who contributed to the destruction of my relationship with my husband is stalking my blog. So, to save myself from a bunch of anti wrinkle cream, I decided to shut up (in this blog only) and decided to continue my rants and rampage on another blog (for my close friends, you know where to find it).

But of course, all of my life’s updates are here. This is my main stream blog and all of my wonderful friends and followers visits this more often compared to my other 40 plus blogs with domain. As for the list of my 40 plus domains, I rather keep it a secret. Don’t want the “reason person” visits them and stalking them too. LOL!!

7 thoughts on “Personal Feelings

  1. I can relate to this…talagang maraming tao na mahilig manggulo ng tahimik na buhay. Desperate people will do anything! di dapat pag aksayahan ng attention at time sila 🙂

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