Pinay Mommy Online is 90 days old!!

Yeppee! My blog is already 90 days old!

I am so happy today that my blog is already 90 days old or 3 months. So it means that I can submit it to other blog advertising opportunities that requires a blog age. I really did wait for this moment. If you noticed, I have a widget at the buttom right that counts how many days my blog is. I want to be constantly reminded of the time and my goals to become an earning stay-at-home-mom!

I will take this opportunity to congratulate my own blog. She did it!

5 thoughts on “Pinay Mommy Online is 90 days old!!

  1. weeeee buti ka pa mommy umabot ka na! I am also waiting for that sa blog ko! can’t wait na nga eh… I think i still have a long wait pa.

    Yun din ang dahilan ko kung bakit ko inaantay na 3 months ang blog ko… ^_^

    anyways! Congrats for making it mommy!!! ^_^ ^_^

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