Pinay Mommy Supports Blank Pixels

I’m supporting blankPixels’ entry to Sulit’s Christmas card-making contest. Click here for more details.

(Preview only. Click here for the full animated Christmas card.)

I am posting this here to express my support to Mhel’s entry for the Sulit’s Christmas card-making contest. Help her win by becoming her viral poster and in return, you can get a chance to win a Blackberry Curve.

Visit her blog now and be one of her viral posters!

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  1. blankPixels says:

    Thank you so much, sis Rubz!!!! *hugs*
    I’m hoping isa sa viral posters ko will win in the raffle for the Blackberry Curve! Weeh!

  2. Tree Survey says:

    Really very nice Christmas card. I love the things related to Christmas decoration. Thanks for sharing..

  3. I have never sent e-cards before and there seem to be lots of sights but I’m afraid to use the wrong one and damage my computer with a virus etc. Please help me. Thanks. Merry Christmas. :brokenheart:

  4. Willa says:

    Good luck to her too! :yes:

  5. shydub says:

    Good luck mars sana manalo laki pa naman premyo.

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