Posting via Mobile


This is a test post using my mobile phone LG P500. I downloaded WordPress for Android.

And I therefore conclude, I am not fit for mobile blogging.

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  1. Pinx says:

    but that’s nice! i mean you can blog anywhere you are!

  2. yes i found it neat too. i am thinking of getting an iphone soon. hope the price gets cheaper.

  3. Din's Fashion says:

    hahaha i dont think i can blog using my phone either. or my husband’s phone. i will stick with a laptop thank you 😀

  4. Shydub says:

    sosy ng mga cell phone ninyo, ako cant afford hehehe

  5. zoan says:

    BILI na tayo ng android? ehehe

  6. zoan says:

    kasi gusto ko man ang mg post via mobile, wala naman akong mobile na capable ehehehe

  7. Jasmin says:

    If meron tayo nito, it would be easy for us to blog anywhere we go.

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