Praying for Connection Restoration Soon

Remember the online predicament that I was talking about yesterday? Finally, I received a reply from their Customer Service Representative! My IP address was one of the several (overseas mostly) that have been blocked due to an online hacking at their website. They have expressed their apologies for mistakenly blocking my IP address. Then they asked for it so that they can restore my connection.Hopefully, I am praying for my connection to be back soon. I have missed a lot of opportunities from them lately. I hope I can grab some tasks once my connection is back! Update you all later. Please pray with me. Thanks!

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  1. mommy elvz says:

    Mommy ruby i’m experiencing the same in the site you mentioned. Please share naman how you contact their customer service. In my case the page doesn’t load at all, it says the server is too busy or i should check my network connection or baka i have firewall daw. I refreshed na nga may settings, cleared all cache and cookies, browsing history pero gnun pa rin.

    Pls help. thanks!

  2. inspirational Quotes says:

    thanks mommy ruby for adding my site.. i hope you could restore your connection soon… | Inspirational Quotes

  3. inspirational Quotes says:

    ow i forgot to tell you one thing.. can you pls change my link name to “Inpirational Stories” rather that I feel okay.. would truly appreciate it.. thanks a lot..

  4. Shawie says:

    ouch, sorry to hear all those old, familiar problems… hope it will be back so ssooonn:)

  5. Mariuca says:

    Alakazam!! GP is here to sprinkle some magic dust at ur blog, hopefully ur ISP restores itself soon! :):):)

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