Pregnancy and Birth in the US

The infographic below fascinates me. I have three kids and they all have years of gaps between them. But if you look closely in the data below, in US alone, 1 person is born every 7.4 seconds! So I guess there are a lot of women getting pregnant and giving birth even if they apply a minimum two years gap per child, think about population explosion!!

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8 thoughts on “Pregnancy and Birth in the US

  1. In other words daghan na nabuang sa ana sa hehehe bitaw uy nindot mn diri mag anak gd marz ky naa support sa government basta dili ka support, nya akong bana ka support mn mao kami ga support aning mga nag sge lang ug pabuntis twins and multiples pa jd through taxes waaaa

  2. i am very much interested in the multiple births, we are in a family who bears twins, my youngest siblings were twins, i also would like to bear twins but unluckily it did not happen…

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