Preparing for Home

It’s now April and the time to go back home to Cagayan in growing near. Well, it has been postponed actually since we have to wait for final advice from my hubby’s HR to where he is going to be assigned. His assignment is not yet final.

Anyway, the point of going home is inevitable. It will happen and it will surely happen within the next three months I guess. So, I am in my usually online break. Do researching on nice buys online. Since, we are packing up things, I was really amazed with what I cam across. I saw a very fashionable and durable luggage’s from Rimowa!! They have different colors and by the materials used which is aluminum…it is really sturdy. I find it perfect because most porters just throw out luggages. In which, most of my luggages get indented. So with this, I am sure it wouldn’t easily indent. Aside from that, they have blue which is my favorite color when it comes to bags and luggages!!

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