Publish a Book in 10 years??

When I was reviewing my 10 year plan, my eyes went wide when I read the things that I have written because one of my goals was to publish a book!! Wow! I did not remember writing that down but it was there and I have a printed copy of it. Anyway, I have encountered several stories about great author’s struggles to get their works published. But I said to myself, maybe it would be different this time. Almost anything can be done already.

So, I went to my usual pastime, surfing! And I was able to stumble upon It is a self-publishing company. They have been helping authors to publish their work since 1997. At, they help authors with their publishing goals and how to achieve them. They also have a FREE publishing guide especially designed to help first time authors.

Then I concluded, what I have written may somehow come to pass after all. Maybe someday I can!! If is around, I guess self-publishing is not a problem.

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  1. nEeRAj says:

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  2. Noemi "Mica" Watson says:

    thank u for dropping by

  3. liza says:

    glad you liked the new layout. thanks!

    see yah 🙂

  4. bOjOy says:

    hi mommy ruBy.. uhmmm after reading this i think I’d like to write my own 10 year plan!Ü im still 22 right nOw, and a mOm. bt not yen married.. and wondering what’s life ahead of me. I guess i have to write a plan..Ü your post made me realized to write something..hehehe take care!Ü

  5. Zacky says:

    Well Mommy,

    writing a book in a 10 year plan is like an insult to you. that’s what i think.

    Looking at how great your blog and how well you write your content, i think you should at least finish 20 books in your 10 year plan..seriouly.


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