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Noticed anything new?? Well, aside from this recent post, have you noticed the little thing I have done to improve this “oh so simple” blog of mine? Yup!! You are right. I have changed my blog’s background and header, from a plain pale pink to crispy pink Christmas themed background. The pink roses for the header background have changed to pale pink gloss snowflakes. I am definitely getting ready for Christmas and of course, I don’t want to go away from my current pink theme that is why I am putting up pink decorations. What do you think?

Anyway, remember the headache I was talking about?? I am still having it and the bad news is, I was not able to visit the ophthalmologist because the hospital I go to closes their clinics everyday Saturday. The hospital administrators belong to the Adventists. I can’t still go today because I have many appointments lined up for the week. Need to finish all of them before I return home to Cagayan de Oro.

Oh yes! Finally my blogger’s leave will be over soon. I will be home next week and I will be able to see my children again. I missed them so much! But of course, I will not be back to blogging immediately. I have to prepare for my baby boy’s birthday. He will be turning 5 next Saturday and my hubby is also planning to celebrate his birthday together with his son. He plans to apply for a leave so that he can follow me back to Cagayan. His mom is also celebrating her birthday so probably he will be home for that too. So November is such a heavy month for us. I hope no headaches will come attacking me.

My blogoversary will start soon also. I am hoping to be able to finish all the mechanics. Being sick and busy at the same time really knocks me off.

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  1. janet says:

    i did some kind of tweaking for my two blogs too. where do you get nice backgrounds?

  2. abie says:

    Love your background and header image! Your are so creative! God bless!

  3. LY says:

    Hi I hope you will feel better soon. Take care of yourself.

  4. arlene {Joys in life} says:

    nice one, Mommy! love ur pinks too. i envy you for ur skill on tinkering the CSS of your blog.

    oo clinics at the Sanitarium is closed on saturday. sorry for that bt i hope ur eye problem will be ok soon.

    advance hapi bday to ur son. invited me ni dimple? hahahaa…anyway, wish you first a happy trip. be back safe and see ya online!

  5. Shebadoo says:

    I like your new background and header. Ako din, I also did a blog makeover at my mommy blog. Hope you’ll check it out and tell me what you think. 🙂

    ~Mama Sheryl
    Aha Mama | A Zone for Digiscraps

  6. Pinay WAHM says:

    Hopped and dropped.

  7. the voice of melody says:

    Looks like you’ll be busy celebrating lots of birthdays the rest of this month. Hope you get to enjoy each and every one!

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