Resorting to Personalized Postcard Printing

A few months ago, I started my newest hobby – postcrossing. I started collecting postcards from different parts of the world. I do direct swapping and I am also a member of But when I started this hobby, I was faced with a big predicament. I can’t find the postcard of my place!

A perfect example was when I was still in Bacolod. I spent precious time in looking for a Bacolod City postcards but to no avail. So, I decided to resort to personalized postcard printing. I asked a friend to design and print one for me. To make the long story short, my personalized postcard was a great success!! It was a favorite many times at

Image Owned by hi_jamir57 of

Anyway, I am faced with the same predicament again. I couldn’t find any Cagayan de Oro City postcards. I might resort to postcard printing again. Let see. 😉

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  1. tama mommy..ako rin nahirapan maghanap meron pero pangit..buti nakakita ako sa SM halos ubusin ko na yung andun..hahaha..

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