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Saving by Choice

There are times that I missed working. Not because I regretted to be a stay-at-home mommy, but I missed the benefit of availing payday loans. When an emergency rises-up, I can immediate file for one and having no worries of paying it off because it goes directly out of my salary.
Unlike when you work at home and at your own pace, you need to be disciplined with your income because you wouldn’t know when accidents strike. Just like when my daughter got sick and hospitalized, I have no company to file a payday loan but I relied on my savings from my income to pay-off the hospital bills. If I just wasted my income on every spending opportunity, I wouldn’t have the money to settle the bills.Anyway, I am not a saver. I am forced to do it because I want to have something to grab out of my pocket just in case something happens to me or to any of my loved ones.

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  1. Hi pinaymommy! I’m a stay-at-home mom myself, and I can relate to you as I also sometimes miss working and looking forward to paydays (and mall sales that usually coincide with paydays that fall on a weekend). But nothing beats the fun and excitement of being there to witness the milestones of my daughter’s development. Cheers to “mommyhood”! 🙂

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