Saving Photo Memories

Before the digital cameras came to exist what did you have? Even if you did not own one of the old cameras, you probably have a collection of photographs stored in your album or even a box since you had a lot given to you by friends and relatives. As pictures paint a thousand words there is always a story behind every shot. If you were there, you can most likely vividly tell everyone what happened then which can lead to more stories. Children and grand children love to hear stories of old, you know.

The problem, though, is that the pictures are subject to wear and tear. Since those photos are stored on paper, it is delicate when it comes to water, fire, or others that can simply put it to destructed state. No more can the memory be shared visually with others if that picture gets lost permanently. How about those negatives that you have or those slides from long ago? If you want to save them so you can share them later, or even for your own keepsake, make sure you bring them all to a photo scanning services to make a digital copy. Then you can store them in different storage places over the internet so you can be sure that if one set gets lost, you still have at least 5 other copies.

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