Sending Some Love

And so year 2011 is close to its end. We are ready to face 2012! I wonder what this New Year would bring. This year has been trying for us as a family, but it’s always good to be grateful for the good times, too!

Like what I have been mentioning in my other blogs, our family has been very much involved in helping out the typhoon victims. Nothing compares to the joy and fulfillment helping others in need could bring. Of course we could only do so much and helping everybody would be an impossible thing to do, seeing the joy on the faces of those whom we’ve helped is such a blessing.

I have not sent as much presents this year to families and loved ones, but I am hoping to avail of 30% off coupon for so I can send tokens to special friends. I really hope to send them out before the end of the year! If not, I am sure they would be happy to receive something even if it’s quite late.

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