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Since I started blogging back in 2007, I don’t have any knowledge what SEO (search engine optimization) is all about. Back then, all I know that SEO plays a vital role for business websites as it will help them become visible to their customers. As years go by, I never thought that SEO will also become the bread and butter for me and my family.

This post is not about me sharing my SEO knowledge (since I am not an expert on this topic) but this post aims to give beginners like me (since the SEO world is constantly changing) and others a preview of what this is all about.

To summarize, here is am infographic sharing a few SEO information.

So basically, from the inforgraphic above, you can see that SEO is all about visibility of websites online. If you want your website to be visible to the billion of internet users worldwide (your probable customer), you need to implement SEO.

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  1. JenJacqs says:

    Same here, didn’t have any idea what SEO is all about 3 years ago. I even mistakenly call it CEO rather than SEO. Lol! But anyway, thank you for the share about this information. Beginners might come across this post and it will be helpful to them.

  2. I am still learning and dunno much about SEO, thanks for this infographic.

  3. nadine says:

    this inforgraphic says it all 😉 when i started blogging my knowledge about this was 0, today I must say it should be about 25% lol! There’s just so many things to learn about SEO..

  4. Well, same goes here. Not the only one that didn’t knew anything about SEO either. Thanks for this article and we can understand a little bit about it.

  5. LaKurdapyaz says:

    Me too i have no knowledge about SEO but somehow i kinda get it now

  6. Mei says:

    Until now, I know a little about SEO. It’s very confusing and complicated if you’re going to really get serious with it. But if you’re an expert, things will really be easy.

  7. Hopefully, I can gain more knowledge about SEO because we will be starting our own online business soon.

  8. ge-ann says:

    seo is important if you want increased traffic. i’m struggling with this. from

  9. Olga says:

    SEO is also something I want to learn more about but when I try to read about it, I get lost in the jargon. For now, I just stick to writing high quality content.

  10. jheylo says:

    Thanks for the info. I have been blogging for more than 7 years now and still has a lot to learn about blogging and online thingy.

  11. This is a detailed infographic about SEO. I’m sure it would help a lot of those with queries about SEO

  12. Milanese says:

    After Pinguin 2 update everything changes. You must be very careful with building links, anchor text…

  13. Before Pinguin 2 you can make a rich anchor text, not anymore!

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