Shiny Ride

A friend of mine once related that she was working for a project at a local business. She was supposed to pass by a mall before going home but the owner of the business offered to give her a ride in his chauffeured car.

Her main thought was—free ride!

When she went out of the car in front of the entrance of the mall, she noticed that all eyes were on her. When she closed the door, that was when she realized that the people were actually looking at the shiny, silver Audi that she was riding on. She never realized that she was riding on a premium car and stepping on audi quattro custom floor mats! Haha

She said she looked like a maid riding in that car. LOL

10 thoughts on “Shiny Ride

  1. This reminds me of the time na bago pa ung F150 namin, it was shiny red and totally a head turner.. 😀 Sadly we had to sell it when our family was growing fast, now we only have an avanza.. 😛 hehehe

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